Abu Dhabi Camel Safari

Enjoy the ancient Arabic tradition of travelling across the Emirates by Camel on this exceptional 2.5 – hour journey. The stunning Abu Dhabi desert lies in the milieu to add thrill for this unforgettable Camel Safari.

Abu Dhabi a modern cosmopolitan city is also the capital of United Arab Emirates. The city’s Arabic word denotes “Father of Deer” (in reference to the quadrupeds that inhabit the emirate). It reached its present stature due to rapid urbanization and major development that transformed the city into the cutting edge metropolis. In total emirate is quite conservative in outlook that makes it a perfect for tourists looking for an authentic Arab Experience.

Camels are absolutely tailored to navigate deserts and it is quite difficult to visit Abu Dhabi without taking a safari on top of a came. Tourists can glide through giant dunes, enjoying the many shades, the various hues of sunset, color change of the sand at the backdrop of the sunset, and then spend the star lit night in the Bedouin camp while enjoying a tasty dinner cooked in the campfire lit. All these activities serve you a peaceful and romantic experience. In certain places tourists are allowed to customize their trip for a more satisfactory time.

From ancient time natives and foreigner tried crossing the Emirates by camel hunting for new places to live and others to trade with. Enjoy the Abu Dhabi desert by camel in the traditional caravan style on this genuine 2.5 hour trip.

The camels with the innate capacity to travel large distances without food and water, are used of transportation and trading goods. A great opportunity to experience the timeless feeling of the Emirates travel as you trek through the desert in the city of Al Ain.

Abu Dhabi desert safari is a great opportunity to understand these never-before experiences and the amazing camel in the backdrop of a serene landscape.

Camel Safari starts at 15:00 and comes to an end by 17:30

Trip Details:
• Transportation
• Camel Ride
• Coffee • Tea

Additional Information:
Take proper clothing, plenty of sunscreen, and a hat

Includes: –
Transportation – 1 hr camel riding – Soft drinks & water

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