Camel Racing Abu Dhabi

Camel Racing is a spectacular sport and visit to the races would be one of the most memorable highlights of your visit to Abu Dhabi. While you gallop around the specially made track, you will surely cheer the camels and marvel at how these ungainly creatures can run at such high speeds. Camel Racing Abu Dhabi happens usually on weekend mornings, with additional races on public holidays.

To get a taste of this sport, head to the Al Wathba Camel Race Track (about 45km east of Abu Dhabi on the Al Ain Road), or to the Al Maqam Track near Al Ain. Be at the race tracks as early as possible to soak up the atmosphere. Entry here is free.

Being rich in culture and tradition, you can enjoy many traditional activities in Abu Dhabi and camel racing is one among them. It is certainly a thrilling and exciting activity and people visit the country prefers to enjoy this surreal sport.

Camels are cherished and loved by the people in Arab countries because they used to be the symbol of protection, friendship and food during the tough days of their desert living.

Al Wathba race track is a popular venue in the country for camel racing which is nearly 45 km from the city centre, Since the roads are to this venue are clearly marked, you will not find any difficulty to find the track. You can enjoy the camel racing here on Thursdays and Fridays as the track is open to the public on these days.

Word to the wise:  The best way to enjoy the mind blowing camel racing can be getting to the track early around 8am.

Quite an exciting experience to watch: Jockeys have replaced by small robots which is a surreal mix of technology and tradition.

Now the camel racing season in its full swing and everybody look at the best events of this season and the thrilling robots riding the dromedaries of the region to victory.

Al Wathba Camel Race Track



What: The fastest and best camels in the United Arab Emirates race on the desert track of Al Wathba Camel Race Track where they sometimes reach up to an inspiring speed of around 40kmph.

Where: Approximately 45km east of Abu Dhabi on the Al Ain Road (02 583 9200).

When:  The season for camel racing runs from October to April. Since the races usually held on the mornings of weekdays, it is important to get there early.

How much:  Entry is completely free.


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