Al Futaisi Island

The beautiful Futaisi Island, only ten minutes away from the Abu Dhabi city by boat is the dream of every archaeologist. Located in the southwest side of the country, it is an incredible holiday hideaway which developed as a mind-blowing nature reserve. The islands recently hit the news because of the discovery of around 22 water catchments of ancient period by archaeologists. Those are hundreds of years old grave yard and a mosque as per the study by archaeologists on old water wells.

The gorgeous Futaisi Island is only 50 sq km size that developed in to a golf and country club. However, most part of the island is undeveloped and turned a wildlife preserve. A few old water systems found by archaeologists is another attraction of this island paradise. Before the discovery of oil, the island supplied water to the people in the region and the stones in this region used for building houses and forts for the rules of the country.

The beautiful Al Futaisi Island resembles more of a structured holiday destination. It will be truly enjoyable to travel across the island on camelback or horseback and simply watch the exotic wildlife roaming in the island including plover, osprey, gazelles and dhubs. Most of the tour-operators arrange tours on a bike or in a mini-bus based on the activity that you wish to enjoy. You can also reach the island from Al Mareena by means of ferry.

Another important feature of Al Futaisi Island is that it is a paradise of ornithologist as they can find a different species of avian here. There is a sanctuary in the island for the endangered sea eagle species. Some of the most popular species of large variety that can be observed at this island are plovers, Terek Sandpipers and Socotra Cormorants.

The swimming pool and the beach in this resort can be accessed by the visitors. Several interesting activities are organized by the authorities in order to entertain the people who come to the island like football, beach volleyball and jet skiing. The visitors love to enjoy cycling trips and horse trips while they are holidaying at this lovely island paradise.

Everybody loves to hear the rich geological past of the Futaisi Island interesting and unique to study. It is a popular landmark and you can enjoy plenty of thrilling activities during your holidays at this spectacular destination.  Island tours in the country is exciting and fascinating and the enchanting islands in the country store a lot of things for the visitors.

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