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A golf course named Fire in Dubai draws inspiration from sand belt courses with waste areas and gentle elevations

With Ireland’s 23 year old superstar Rory Mcilroy jumping back to the world No 1 ranking with his decisive USPGA Championship victory, it is fitting time to recall the corporate name that Rory advertises so prominently on his golf cap-The Jumeirah Golf Estates. The estate rose to fame as the venue for the season ending finale of the European PGA Tour’s year-long ranking competition entitled Race to Dubai. Jumeirah hosts the Euo 10 Million DP World Tour Championship which sees every top ranked player on the European Tour Compete for one of the two richest prizes in the history of golf. The DP World Tour Championship is held at the Earth Course at Jumeirah designed the adjoining Fire course which is the one we recommend you play.

The Fire course draws its inspiration from the classic sand belt course of Australia such as Royal Melbourne and Kingston Health with sandy waste areas, gentle elevation changes and rolling fairways. Starting tee positions have been carefully placed to provide variety of length, direction and elevation.

The length of the course provides a standard test from one set of starting tees at around 6,500 yards which is recommended unless you are a competitive single figure handicap player at home. At 7,000 yards the next set of tees become extremely challenging. So the championship tees at 7,500 yards is best left to professionals. Generous landing areas entice shots towards safety, but strong bunkering has been carefully placed to catch wayward strokes. a balcony coffee shop, well appointed locker rooms, a bar and a restaurant all make for a great experience. Remember to book in advance at the on-site golf academy, to have your swing analysed.

The scorecard indicates that there are two par fives around 600 yards but on those, fortunately you can get a big help as a well struck tee shot catches the down slope and helps you by nearly 50 yards. The main challenge is the generous sand bunkering which defines the shape of the fairways and the best approach line to the green. Large sand traps means that if you need to be comfortable playing a variety of sand shots-full shots from the fairway bunkers, long sand shots and the elevated “explosion” shot which gets a lot of height and doesn’t travel far.

The 40 yard sand shot is one of the most difficult shots to play. Choose an 8 or 9 iron, take a full swing and hit the sand two or three Inches behind the ball. It will carry about 30 yards and roll 30 ft towards your target. The key is to accelerate through impact area. A little practice will help you gain confidence before trying it in a real game. You will be pleasantly surprised with the result.

At a Glance Green Fee Green Fee Rs 5,720 (Weekdays), Rs 7,551 (Weekends); Tel (0) 97143759999

Getting there Jumeirah golf Estates is sandwiched between Dubai Investment Park and the International media production Zone; 30 minutes from the Dubai Airport.

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